PPBA Coach Asked to Stay Back to the Maharashtra Trainees of Badminton


COVID 19 is showing its deadly effect on everyone. No sector, business, game, or educational field has escaped the touch of COVID 19.  In India, Maharashtra is the state which is suffering from this COVID 19 spread adversely. Even there, Mumbai is the most affected city of the state. Because of this, many problems are emerging day by day to the people of the state. Even players have to face some unpredictable results of this COVID 19 effect in a very different form. Recently this happened with the trainees of Badminton who belong to Maharashtra.


Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy or PPBA has shown such an act for the badminton trainees from Maharashtra. It gave notice to its trainee from Maharashtra to put off any plans for coming back to the city. This has been done as per the instructions of the state government who instructed the Academy to make it mandatory to stay in international quarantine for the people who are coming from the state of Maharashtra. We don’t know how much it will affect the training of the trainees but it’s sure that it is for the betterment of everyone.

The Academy also gave a bit detail about its such notice for the trainees. It said that it has forwarded the message to the five trainees of Maharashtra which include the junior player Prajjwal Sonawale who belongs to Nashik and Rohan Gurbani who belongs to Nagpur. Along with giving the message to stay back, it also told them that whoever will come in the State of Karnataka, especially from Maharashtra, they will have to go through the rule of staying in international quarantine for the prescribed number of days. So it is better for them to come there only when everything will be back to their normal condition once again. It’s good for both the host and the guest.

However, the PPBA has given some relaxation for the trainees coming from some other parts of the country. Instead of going through the international quarantine, the trainees would have to go through home quarantine. For the ease of the trainees, the PPBA academy has established it’s quarantine center in one apartment near the training center.

PPBA Trainees

There are a total of 70 trainees enrolled in the PPBA institute at present. 20 trainees out of those seventy have joined the training already when the little bit relaxation was given amid the lockdown. 30 other trainees would join shortly in some small batches. The rest 20 students include the freshers in this field. The decision to start their training has also been kept on hold due to the lockdown.

The Academy also said that whoever wants to come and join again the training session will have to first go through the medical check-up in the local areas and then they should desire to come back only when they are found fit to travel. 

Let’s hope best for all the people and the extinction of coronavirus as soon as possible.