Sports and Games Events: How COVID-19 is Affecting All

Covid and sports

The sports and various game events have been an attractive event since the past. The events under sports and games include various indoor and outdoor activities. In the year 2020, there is a list of various indoor and outdoor sports events that have been planned to take place across the world. Some of the major events are the IPL series, Tokyo Olympics 2020, and the T20 match league. 

Influence of Covid

However, the uncertainty still surrounds these events that have to take place this year. So this has been a big issue for the broadcasters as well as the franchise and all the board committee members who organize these events. The tackling or providing a solution for the COVID-19 has still not yet developed for the events to take place. 

The answer remains as “unknown” or the handling of the logistics for these events can be one of the solutions for the events to take place. This solution as mentioned may not be the only one, there is a need for the anti-vaccine to protect the world from the COVID-19.

There are various views expressed by many people across the sports to play the matches in this crisis. The long-distance approach is one of the many for the basketball and handball games. This approach had taken place in the Olympics 2012 that was held in London. 

The famous commentator Mike Gorman was not at the place of the event in the Olympics 2012 but was rather at the studio situated in Stamford at Conn. This activity was considered as a big challenge for Gorman. Many other tools came into the picture to have these games on life, such as zoom calls and conference calls.

Due to the effect of COVID-19, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 also had a negative impact. According to the finance committee chairman of the Indian Olympics Association, Anil Khanna, there was a loss of nearly Rs.73 Lakh for the Indian Olympics Association in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. These expenses were for the hotel bookings and other external purposes which severely affected the finance held for this. 

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 which was scheduled for July 2020 and August 2020 was postponed to the next year. This was mainly due to the effect of the COVID-19. The BCCI also are in the plan of rescheduling the IPL series which may have an impact on other series in the time table set for the year 2020. 

The matches to be hosted will be only based on the rules set by the Government of India during this situation. As a result, the sports which include indoor and outdoor games had a severe effect due to the COVID-19.

Commentator Mike Gorman

In the early of June-2020, there are a few expectations across some countries such as England to resume their sports events. There has been a green signal from the British government for the sports events to commence from the first week of June.

Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary, had said in a news report that the wait time is over and the sports events in Britain will commence with various protective and safe measures concerning the environment.