IPL 2008 Performance Bat a Thousand for Rohit Sharma as MI Captain said VVS Lakshman

Rohit Sharma

Recently, the former Indian cricketer VVS Lakshman described Rohit Sharma’s success and praised it as one of the most triumphant captains in the history of IPL.

In the 2011 edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), Rohit Sharma, a right-handed batsman, was brought forth in the Mumbai Indians line-up. Later in the halfway of 2013, after Ricky Pointing stepped down from the role, Rohit Sharma was then appointed. The darkest hour is just before the down – Under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, Mumbai Indians saw the dawn of the new day and emerged as four-time IPL winners. 

VVS Lakshman Bestows Rohit Sharma’s Journey as MI Captain with Heartfelt Words


Before that batsman became a champion for Mumbai Indians, he begins to be a ‘leader’ in Deccan Chargers in IPL 2008 itself. Sharma was only 21 at the time and proved as a standout performer for the Adam Gilchrist – led the side in 2008 according to VVS Lakshman.

Even the ability of handling pressure at the time of match turnabout, the cricketers who turned into commentators also praised the way he handles the pressure. His stint and spirit is the reason behind his success for Mumbai Indians. After this VVS Lakshman finishes his statement by describing Indian Limited – over-vice captain as “one of the most successful captains in IPL History.

On a show Cricket Connected streamed on Star Cricket – VVS Lakshman praised Rohit Sharma and said

Every match Sharma won, his confidence was seeking even higher paramount and preciously indulged himself into the core group, helping youngsters to rise by beginning a new dawn in their lives, voicing opinions to bring the best of something. Rohit Sharma has had a dream run for the T20 League in the past 7 years. VVS Lakshman also stated that Sharma is among the rarely found cricketers who bring forth his patience in unwilling situations at the time he is on the ground. But the most admirable part here is that Rohit always evolved and blossomed with his batting techniques.

Rohit Sharma’s IPL Journey with Deccan Chargers (2008-10)

Deccan Chargers

At the time Rohit was in his first year, he was the youngster who just played T20 World Cup, made International debuts for India, and returned. In 2008, Deccan Chargers was at the bottom of the point table by winning two out of 14 matches. However, the tables turned for good in the next season as Rohit Sharma scored 362 runs and took 11 wickets including with a match-winning hat-trick and was awarded as U-23 Success of the Tournament.

Rohit Sharma’s IPL Journey with Mumbai Indians (Since 2011)

Mumbai Indians

Even after having a magnificent journey with Deccan Chargers, the franchise did not keep possession of Sharma for the 2011 season. As in 2011, Rohit set his feet in Mumbai Indians, the batsman scored 3,728 runs which include one century and 28 half-centuries. With his ablaze spirit of winning for his team, he stunned the franchise by winning 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 IPL Seasons.