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Do you know when did betting start in India? Since decades the government has banned betting in the country and hasn’t granted legal permission for it. Read the following article to know more.

When did betting sites in India start?

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Before centuries people used to bet on small games that were considered legal during that time. But with the development in every industry, the gambling industry also underwent a tremendous change. Initially, people used to go to a game shop to gamble but now with the possibilities of technology we have reached that point where you can sit in any part of the world and bet on any game happening anywhere. In 2005 the governor of Sikkim made certain gambling places legal but there is no mention of online gamble in it. The state also thought of starting Indian local betting sites or other online betting sites in 2010 but the permission was not granted. 

There is n number of websites available in India today with the help of which you can bet on any sports activity. But the legal aspects of it are still missing. There is also a website that brings the betters together during tournaments but it is not legalized in the eyes of the government. Our country’s democracy hasn’t come up with any legalized documentation on online betting. Since the notion of online betting is not clear many people want to bet but refrain due to legal terms. About 80% of the adults in India were indulged in other forms of betting earlier. But this has reduced to a great extent now. 

Legalized gambling games in India

Indian states with allowed gambling

The states of Sikkim and Goa have been granted certain liberty to operate casinos. In 2003 the revenue from these casinos was more than 100 crore rupees. This can be of great use but due to fraudulent the legalization is still not granted. Betting on horse racing is legal in India. The supreme court of India does not consider betting on horse racing as illegal. It assumes that horse racing is not just done by luck but involves a lot of effort and hard work to win. Thus, betting on horse riding is legalized in India since 1996. There are a lot of turfs in India where the races take place and betting rules the stadium. Whether people win and lose they are not under any illegal terms of democracy.

It is quite clear from the article that there is no mentioning of the year when online cricket betting sites in India were started as they paved their way towards the country from the foreign markets. Today also the turnover in lakhs as stated by the International Cricket Council (ICC). But there is no evidence against it since it is all done through the foreign markets. Thus, from the article, it is clear that the state grants permission to certain regions of the country to open casinos. On the other hand, betting on horse racing is not considered illegal in the country.